Chris Ogle - Venture Stream

Episode 14

In this episode we will touch the surface of SEO, PPC, Conversion optimisation, Back links and more.
Mike Lever - New Results Training

Episode 13

In this episode we speak to Mike Lever of New Results Training around the emotions of selling and purchasing.
NESP - North East Sheets & Panels

Episode 12

In this episode we speak to Richard Williams of NESP (North East Sheets & Panels) based in Co Durham.
Image of FSB logo

Episode 11

We recently spoke with Howard Little (FSB - The Federation of Small Business). FSB has over 177,000 members and help business owners across the UK.
Image of James Tennant

Episode 10

We recently spoke with James Tennant (Founder of Converge.) Who came up with the idea for converge whilst in Canada as a content writer.
Image of Michael Dickens

Episode 9

In this episode we are joined by Michael Dickens of Maven Capital Partners discussing the application process of funding.
Image of John Atkinson

Episode 8

In this episode we are joined by John Atkinson of NBSL in 20 minutes John updates us with the latest news on available funding for County Durham, UK businesses.
Image of Andrew Silver

Episode 7

We are joined by Andrew Silver in 20 minutes we cover everything from Business Plans, cultural values, People, Performance and Profit
Image of Pete Southern

Episode 6

In this episode we are delighted be joined by our business friend Pete Southern from Clockwork Espresso, the home to the worlds most precise coffee tamper.
Image of Chris Liddle

Episode 5

In this episode we are joined by marketing specialist Chris Liddle from CLiddle Consulting talking briefly CRMs and KPI's
Image of Pete Wilkinson

Episode 4

In this episode we speak to Pete Wilkinson from Reclaro, who has a passion for getting tasks completed.
Image of Paul Carter

Episode 3

we go on tour to our friends at Get Carter Productions and speak to the owner Paul Carter this podcast is perfect for any emerging or scale up business.