Episode 33

It's not a nice world that we live in, but for business owners it's best to be covered from what could be around the corner.
Image of Chris Liddle

Episode 32

A mistake many businesses, large and small, make is to launch into marketing activity without taking the time to think strategically about their approach. This results in wasted time, effort and budget. But where should you start with your marketing?l.
Ben Gilhespy

Episode 31

EMN has positioned itself at the heart of the engineering and manufacturing industries, offering companies expert support and access to the assistance they need to realise their full potential.
Elise Lane

Episode 30

Elise grew up in Newcastle and moved away to study chemistry at Oxford, then moved to London to work but came back in 2017 to set up the business.
James Hopper2

Episode 29

This week we sat down to chat with James Hopper, COO of Security Risk Management. As the North East's leading full-service information security consultancy,
Image of Neil Robbins

Episode 28

At Silverbean, they work with businesses to accelerate sales by developing and implementing bespoke marketing strategies.
Image of Russell Mills

Episode 27

Russell Mills, from Mills consulting group joins us. Russell is a tech based consultant at the DadShed.
Image inside of the Harlands Office designed by AMH Workspace

Episode 26

Speaking to Heather Baxter, Business Development Manager from AMH Workspace based in Washington,
Profile image of Charlotte Windebank from First Network

Episode 25

In this episode, we talk to Charlotte Windebank founder of First Network
Image of Veronica Swindale

Episode 24

It's often said that the life of a marketeer is a life time of learning, new tech, new strategies and the constant evolution in the market place.

Episode 23

In this episode we talk to James Ealey, Director from Precept (UK) about the purpose of brands

Episode 22

Looking for customers on social media? Trying to make sense of your online reviews?