Slow Down!

In this episode I talk with David Wilkinson, Performance Coach at Men-Unleashed

David is a high performance coaching and trainer living in the North East, Loves Coffee, Conversation, IPA Beers, Travelling and Fitness. For most of Davids life, he fought a battle in his mind between; feeling unsure of who he was and a deep belief that he was capable of much more. The inner battle continued but the insecure side was winning – until he made some big changes.

During the interview we started talking about:

  • The big decisions in David’s life to make a switch 3 years ago
  • David’s mission, vision and his drive to do what he does every day
  • Being open, honest and being you BEST TRUE self
  • Reaching your goal and it not actually being what you expected – now what?
  • His new programme of Men-Unleashed and the type of clients that the Men-Unleased is geared towards.
  • David’s new book (coming soon)
  • and the power of journaling