If something sounds too good to be true…there’s probably a scammer behind it.

This week we sat down to chat with James Hopper, COO of Security Risk Management – otherwise known as SRM. As the North East’s leading full-service information security consultancy, SRM has a client portfolio ranging from tech start-ups to FTSE 100 businesses.

In this podcast James discusses his own journey to date, the growing importance of cyber security and why organisations must become more proactive in improving their risk posture – rather than simply waiting for a breach and picking up the pieces afterwards.

SRM has built a reputation for demystifying the information security space and has established itself as a trusted partner to organisations that take cyber threats seriously. Day-to-day operations may include guiding businesses through ISO27001 certification, helping them tackle the challenge of GDPR, analysing systems vulnerabilities or investigating a breach. Find out more by visiting www.srm-solutions.com